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Buho naturhus USA

A project with high ambitions when it comes to circulation and sustainable construction. Two narrow houses carefully positioned on the hilly terrain, flying out over the sloping forest. One public side facing the intimate entrance courtyard and one quiet side with generous verandas in close connection to the large ash-trees in the forest. The main building containing a small restaurant, yoga retreat, a himalayan salt room and SPA facilities. All in close, spatial connection with a generous, public greenhouse space. The smaller house containing two apartments, a private greenhouse and a workshop + garage. The whole facility will be connected to a full version Eco-cycle system with plantbeds in the main greenhouse.


The location is in the State of New Jersey. It will be first of its kind and the the first Naturhus in the USA !  

Client: Felix & Celia Castro, NJ, USA

Status: Under planning. Building permission recieved spring 2024

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