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Rosenlund Naturhus

A greenhouse home for a chef and a mechanic with an inventors mind. Rosenlund Naturhus lies like an island in a fantastic open landscape with sweeping views in 360 degrees. The greenhouse is 400 m² and encloses the insulated core house. Plantbeds fills the greenhouse and produces fruit and vegetables enriched with nutrients from the enclosed eco-cycle system.

Rosenlund Naturhus was nominated to Östergötland Architecture Prize 2023:


The jury report:"Through a great deal of commitment from the developer and architect, this residential building shows the way to a future where lifestyle changes for the climate do not have to involve hardship, but on the contrary can greatly create an increased quality of life. Technical solutions such as ventilation, heating and waste water woven in with well-designed details and rooms where the boundaries between inside and outside are elegantly connected. In the house there is a clear impression of both local materials and local know-how.

The client has exemplarily allowed quality and long-termism to characterize the process, where changes during the course of the project did not entail sacrificing values, materials or details. Additions in both the external surrounding environment and the interior are therefore intended to continue to grow over time."

Client: Private

Status: Moved in 2021

Photo: Karin Wildheim and Tailor Made

Illustrations: Tailor Made


Instagram: Huset i växthuset

Grand Designs TV4: Grand Designs Sverige TV4

Nominerade till arkitekturpris i Östergötland 2022 - Sveriges Arkitekter

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