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Ankis Naturhus

Our client Anki came to us with a beautiful forest plot near Söderåsen’s National park in Skåne (in the south of Sweden). She had bought 4 existing housing units for temporary accommodation second hand. Could you maybe put them in a greenhouse? The vision is a nearly self-sustainable house regarding energy, water and nutrition. The greenhouse creates a Mediterranean-like climate with an extended growing season in the greywater-irrigated, food producing plantbeds on the roofterrace. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and reused. Electricity is produced by the solarcells in the glassroof. A house where the eco-cycles are closed on an extremely local scale – within a single house.

The house is a permanent residence for two people divided into one private sleeping module and one module for kitchen and friends visiting. They are connected by the ”conservatory” – a heated greenhouse-like room for dining and socializing. During the summer months, the sliding glass door opens up and the boundary against the outer greenhouse space is blurred. The sleeping modules and conservatory are enclosed by a greenhouse in single glass only heated by the sun. It creates fantastic outdoor spaces on the large roof terrace. The rather compact home (90 m2 heated livingarea) flows out into the 150 m2 greenhouse that extends over two floors.

Client: Anki Pozson

Status: Moved in 2021

Photo: Kalle Sanner

Illustrations: Tailor Made


Article (swedish): Ankis naturhus Hus & Hem

Article (swedish): GLAS (

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