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Kummelnäs Naturhus

A home for a family. This Naturhus is situated on a beuatiful, hilly site in Kummelnäs, south of Stockholm. An arkipelagian landscape of rocks and pine trees. So typical for the Stockholm region. The characteristic "meandering" greenhouse space, the crimped shape of the roof and the compact footprint is a result of the planning regulations on the actual site.

Maybe not the optimal regulations for a Naturhus, but the result is a close and interesting interaction between the heated livingspace and the uninsulated greenhouse space.

All the interior design is made by our skilled clients. We especially love the fantastic bathroom on second floor facing the greenhouse. The plantbeds will be connected to a greywater cycle system and the greenery will take over ! 


Client: Marie Forsman & Ida Hällkvist

Status: completed autumn 2023.

Photo: Greenhouse Living, client

Illustrations: greenhouse living


Instagram: Kummelnäs Naturhus

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